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Tabe Tarkang
Aunty, we bid you farewell now,Your spirit lives on in us. We were blessed to have known you. Now you intercede for us from above
Joyce Ashuntantang
Another Candle Auntie, even as your mortal remains lie in state. May you find favor with the God you served so faithfully.
Mirabelle Beck
Ma, ur departure pains us. ur words will forever remain within us! find rest in his bossom. ur were the mother of all ur students.
riku tarkang tanyitiku
Aunty Theo,may your kind and gentle heart rest in perfect peace as you go to your maker who you loved and served so well.
Arah. Takor
You are a lovely lady your candle will keep burning long after you are gone Rest in peace aunty Theo
Mary Nchari
Aunty,your love, care and peace of heart has gained you a place in His kingdom. Enjoy the fruits of your labour-real rest.
Bukong Eric
Mama you took care of of my health. Thanks to you I am what I am today. Thank you so much. RIP
Sarah Nane Kweh Bukong
Mama, may the good Lord grant you eternal rest. You were gentle, calm and caring. You were a mother to me. Rest in peace.
Bukong Wawa Anita
Ma, you were the best teacher I ever had. You inspired me a lot. Your students loved you so much. RIP. We miss you.
Dr. Nicoline Ambe
Please accept my deepest condolences! May the Lord grant you solace, comfort, peace and calm! Mama is watching over you now. Love.
Lynn Ngaling
Having met her only once, she was lively, loving and had a welcoming charisma. I’m glad I got to know her. Mama RIP.
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