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From Malafa McMoli (First Son)

My dear Mother,
I miss you. I miss the way you called my name, the way you smiled at me.
I miss our weekly calls and your emails. I miss walking and talking with you.

You were a beautiful example of joy of serving others with an unselfish heart; using your skills to make a difference in people’s lives. I remember you always saying “You have to live a Christ like life”. You always opened your arms to anyone in need.

I am so happy for the time we spent together. I am so happy you are my mother.

Even though you have left us to a better place, your sweet memory will live in my heart forever. I am devastated by your death - I look forward to seeing you again.

Sweet Jesus, please open your arms to my mother.

From Ojong McMoli (Second Son)

My dear mother,
You have left me. I miss you. You have always been a sense of hope to me. You brought me up. You sent me to school, had me educated and supported me when I was getting married. Last year, you came to visit my wife and I in Canada. When you were leaving, I accompanied you to the airport. Little did I know that was the last time I would ever see you alive. Three days before your death, you phoned me. I never knew that I would not hear your voice again. You were always there to stand by me. You were always there to advise me. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

From Marie McMoli (Daughter-in-Law)

Dear Mummy
I want to thank you for welcoming me into your family and for standing in the gap that my own mother left after she died. You were a mother-in-law unlike any other. I will miss our conversations. We talked about everything and anything from complex business problems, spirituality, finance, politics, health, and off course family matters. You always listened with that keen intelligence and a strong light of comprehension in your eyes. I loved that so much about you.

I loved the way you enjoyed my cooking. The way you polished off every mussel, like my mother used to say “waste not, want not” and then you said “Eh! Eh! Boh Marie, that was good”. You were so brave. You travelled the world, most of the time on your own. You were not afraid of exploring and experiencing life because you trusted that God will take care of you. You faced the gravest of health conditions with the same confidence and inspired me to approach life’s challenges in the same way.

Above all else, you loved your God. You rose every morning and went to sleep at night with His name on your lips. We are confident that you have left this evil world and gone to be with your father in heaven. Pray for your sons (Malafa and Ojong); your sisters (Auntie Jeddie and Auntie Faustine) and your brothers (Uncle Cyril and Uncle Jasper) who are devastated by your death.

You had such a big heart
You were quick to forgive
Always thinking of others
And always willing to give
How lucky I was to  

Have a mother-in-law like you
Someone who took such  

Interest in all that we did
You were always there to lend an ear
Really mom, you are terribly missed

By Margaret McMoli (Daughter-in-Law)

Mummy was such a special gift, a rare pearl in this mortal world. She showered us with genuine love, care and understanding that words can hardly express. She was always there for us and assured us that we should NEVER hesitate to ask for her assistance if need be.

 Mummy made it routine to send us “Every Day Light” (a daily devotional) every morning and followed up to ensure that we actually read the passages from the Bible. Currently, when I get up every morning, unconsciously I am awaiting an email from her, which turns out to be an illusion because those precious emails are no longer forthcoming. Why Mummy? Why didn’t you wait a little longer? Why did death rip us of the opportunity to take care of you?  Only God can provide answers to all the “whys.” I have the conviction that you are sitting at His bosom and smiling back at us.  Mummy may your gentle, loving and sweet soul rest in peace.


From Jedidah Zumafor (Sister)

Sis. T - it's J.E.

To say the least, I am scared and confused. It is hard to believe you are not there as I come to Cameroon. Last year you waited for me at the airport. You saw me off when I was returning to America; and in your style you called me your American girl. Then you came to America in June/July (2011). I stayed with you for one week in your son, Malafa's house in Virginia. We didn't agree that it was our last meeting. We merely parted as usual.

 You inquired from Fausti that weekend (before you were treacherouly and brutally forced to depart from us) about my health. Honestly I don't have words to express what you were. You always walked in love and truth; you always forgot yourself because of the love you had for others- your focus was love, peace and joy. So I wonder why that monster brutally eliminated you from us on that DARK night. Anyway, I'm comforted that our ALL KNOWING GOD knows it all- and says in his word that VENGEANCE is His.
 You will always remain in my mind. I am so proud of you. You were down to Earth- in your relationship with everyone, everywhere. Since our ALL MIGHTY God has promised us reunion on the last day, we will therefore be together again.
So fair thee well.

From Faustina Yembe (Sister)

Ah, Sister, so you are dead! And a piece of me died the moment I got the unexpected, gruesome and shocking news! You! A prayerful anointed daughter of God! I am saddened, I am stunned, and I am perplexed! Sister Theo – a humble friend of all men of goodwill, a believer in the dignity and equality of all men, an apostle of peace! All of us in this family feel cheated that you were taken away from us so abruptly; and yet we are grateful that God gave you to us.

Sister, you were the very essence of compassion and of duty. Your glorious academic and professional achievements never went to your head or changed you from being the big sister who mothered us all. You stood like the pillar and strength in our family; you had boundless energy and a God-given sensitivity for what was really important in our lives. You remained childlike in your desire to do good for others; and you have been a great source of inspiration to all of us. Sister, now you are gone, we are bound to feel helpless and shattered in the face of our loss; but as the first pangs of our incredulous grief begin to pass away, we must thank God that we were privileged to have had you, the great God-fearing lady for our sister. You have now taken your place among the saints, and our ancestors. While this is an occasion of deep sorrow, it should also be one of dedication. We must unite and carry on the spirit of Sister Theo: pray without ceasing, read and meditate on the bible at least morning and evening, be selfless and always put others first, live a simple moral life.

 Your sudden death has taught us more than many sermons: be ready for you do not know when the “Bridegroom” will come. You were “the salt of the earth”… “the light of the world”. You gave outstanding and meritorious service to God and man. And since God took you in such an inexplicable way it is because He knew that you were ripe and ready.

 We thank God for the life of this genuine servant of God, this extraordinary woman that we were proud to call our sister: the unique, the irreplaceable Prof Theodosia Eyong Ojongtambia McMoli. You will never be extinguished from our minds. And thank you for helping me to bury my husband Omer barely 3 months ago and my son Ebot 2 years ago. May you have the fullness of joy in God’s kingdom.