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Auntie Maggie Tarkang nee Abunaw Our Lord Gives and He Takes – Even The Best Of Us. July 5, 2012

As I add my voice to the beautiful chorus that is developing here, permit me to first of all thank you my children, Malafa and Ojong, for creating this website. It will give many more a chance to help you keep the memory of your dear mother intact and give it the proper context it deserves. My dear sons, the fact of the matter is that we all have to honor our appointment with God our maker someday. Our Lord gives and He takes – even the best of us. We mothers (parents) pray that our loved ones we leave when we depart, continue this journey and march on regardless shining the torch even brighter.

Your mother was an extraordinary lady. She was a big cousin to the Abunaw family of Besong Abang.  My Dad, Papa David Akoasang  Abunaw (RIP) had so many daughters, so your mom and her two younger sisters were always quoted as the examples we had to emulate.              

She made me especially proud when she came back to Cameroon to work in Yaounde. She was already very accomplished and an authority in her profession. We quickly bonded and I had a Big Sister around. Oh! how wonderful it was. I fondly remember her little notes she would sometimes send me. One in particular I want to share with you said the following;

“Maggie, I have to be at Mont Febe tomorrow evening at 6:oopm.Please, send me a car plus your husband Sir Victor Ebai Tarkang (RIP) to accompany me”

This was so funny and could only be asked by a woman with a wonderful sense of humor; my loving Big Sister.  OJ, your mother made me your God Mother as I took you to church often. Please take some comfort in knowing that I will be there to stand in the gap for you my son. Malafa we have talked so all I’ll say is, be strong Papa.

In a dream I had this past week, your mother stopped me from exacting revenge on the wicked people who hurt her by telling me in bayangi in her signature calm and gentle way, not to run after them given the situation of my back. The Lord will take care of their wicked deeds, vengeance is His alone, she said.

Malafa , OJ,  Sis Jedi, Faustina,  Bro Jasper and Cyril., it is painful but we must accept the Almighty’s will at this time. The loss is big, but the Lord she served so faithfully will take care of her and grant her perfect rest and peace by his side and comfort the rest of us on this side till we meet her again.

God Bless You all my dear family.

Auntie Maggie Tarkang

Enaka Marie Yembe, M.D. niece June 29, 2012
      My darling Aunty Theo. It's hard to believe that that I’m writing this eulogy. Aunty, I am left in shock, in pain, speechless. We all love you but we know God loves you more. I miss you dearly. Your  gentle spirit, your unshakable faith, unquenchable thirst for Christianity, magnificent character, a quiet mentor, your strange sense of humour, your forever peaceful personality, your high intellectual endowment, your ability to keep in touch regardless, fearless nature, always unimpressed by little tantrums, formidable woman a mother to all, a true example for all of us. Aunty I could go on and on. Thank you aunty! Your love for us was so deep and unconditional. Thank You Father for “lending” Aunty to us. For the endless emails, for all the phone calls, for holding and hugging me during tough times. Thank you! For always being there to laugh and celebrate. Thank you! Aunty your legacy lives on! Sleep gentle one until we meet again. Rest sweet one for you lived like Christ and died like Christ and justice is not ours says The Lord. March on great giant for Thy Heavenly Kingdom’s gates wide open await your arrival and as it was said so shall it be for eternal life shall be yours dear Aunty. And your spirit lives forever. The tears I have cried for you could flood the earth and I know you have wiped each one away. For you Aunty, I promise you this- I will go on with my life and make you proud. I will always hold you in my heart and remember the lessons in Christianity you instilled in me. Oh how I miss you dear aunty. I am going to miss your shining face, but at the end of the day I am one day closer to you....And praised be to Our Lord Jesus Christ for with His ultimate sacrifice one day you and I forever will be together again. p/s say “hello” to my daddy for me.
Omerine Aseh M.D. (niece) A Quiet Spirit June 28, 2012

                  A Quiet Spirit 
       Shhhhhhhh Can you hear her?
        Can you see her?
        No !!!!!! but you see her work,
        You sense her spirit. 

        Unshaken by life's challenges
        She sets her face like flint;
        Unmoved by hurt and pain
        She marches on, loving still.

        Precision, poise that's her name, 
        Gentleness, genuineness exudes from her;
        Loving, loyalty becomes her, 
        Praise for the Lord always on her lips. 
       Our hearts heavy,
       Our eyes down cast and filled with tears; 
       Comfort we take in the knowledge
       You are  in HIS arms. 
       A Quiet Spirit you were
       But your acts like resounding trumpets;
       Never will we forget you,
        Nor your lessons.        
Matanda Mondoa Time is a companion June 22, 2012
Though I only met her twice in person, Dr. McMoli has left a great impression on me. I remember fondly that Thanksgiving evening when we met over gelato, Auntie Marie’s divine peach cobbler, and an on-demand screening of King Kong. We chatted about politics and our favorite CNN reporters. Then my dad took some awe-inspiring photos of us, never knowing that they would leave the greatest images in our minds and hearts. The second and last time I saw her was when I sang the National Anthem at a dinner at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington Delaware, my mom worked so hard to plan and she said that the way I sang the lyrics was inspiring.

I shall miss you Dr. McMoli and I shall always remember those times we’ve had together. God bless you.

Matanda Mondoa

“Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment, because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.”
- Captain Jean-Luc Picard (played by Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Generations)
Dr. Charles Fokunang Adieu Auntie Prof June 21, 2012
The University of Bamenda Community came to a halt when we learnt of the brutal killing of our precious professor emeritus. Everyone was on the phone to find out if the news was for real, but just hoping that it was not true. Behold, we all converged at her Ntamulung residence to face the reality.

Pr McMoli has been one of my closest collaborators ever since I was empowered with the responsibility to champion the marathon of the young Faculty of Health Sciences of UBa. She has always responded to our calls for developing the academic programmes for medicine in all the meeting sessions . Indeed she built the team that has imposed the young faculty as a faculty for the future in training potential future Cameroonian Medics and Paramedics.

Indeed Pr McMoli and other seasoned medical professionals in the North West Region,Like Dr Awasom (Director of Bamenda Regional Hospital, Dr Ndiforchu,Regional Delegates of Health, Pr Tih Pius Director of Baptist Health Board, Dr Achu, just to name but a few are always  available to render voluntary service for the progress of FHS UBa.

We are going to miss Pr Mc Moli so much.

Your departure can be likened to the Hiroshima bomb for the academia. Only God will fill the crater for us. 

ADIEU Auntie Prof.

We shall miss you for ever.

Charles Fokunang (PhD, CBiol, MIBiol)
Clinical Research Consultant
Acting Dean
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Bamenda
Member Cameroon National Ethics Committee 
General Coordinator Pharmacy Programmes
Medical & Pharmacotherapeutics Research Group
Immunology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Laboratory
Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
University of Yaounde 1
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